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Trophy Rock Hydro Water Minerals (5lbs)
Trophy Rock Hydro Water Minerals (5lbs)
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What is Hydro?
Hydro is a supplemental powder you add to your deer’s water to provide them with electrolytes and vital minerals.

How do I use it?
Mix 1 pound of Hydro to every 20 gallons of water. The mix will look muddy, then the contents will settle to the bottom allowing the water to absorb Hydro’s ingredients as needed.

How do I put it out?
You can put out Hydro in a variety of ways. It’s important to note that Hydro was intended to not be applied in a fresh water source, e.g. a stream. This will wash out the minerals and nutrients. Hydro should be applied in a container, tub or water collection source.

As the deer drink it down, replenish the water and Hydro as needed.

You can use anything from a 15 gallon tub to larger 100 gallon solutions. Some properties have old cow tanks you might be able to utilize or you could even build your own gravity fed wildlife water system.
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