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Whitetail Institute's Planting Instructions & Maintenance

Planting Instructions & Maintenance



Imperial products are designed by experts to be the ABSOLUTE best nutritional source for your deer. Using Imperial products will be the best thing you have ever done to improve the quality of your deer and your deer hunting. Give this product a fair chance by following all of the given instructions and do not skip any steps. Planting instructions and the correct dates to plant will vary with each product and region. Please look at the menu items listed below to appropriately choose between the correct planting instructions and planting dates. Thank you for choosing to use Whitetail Institute products and good luck in your future hunts.

Deciding What to Plant: What Works Best on Your Land

Whether you want plant a food plot to attract deer, offer higher quality nutrition or both, the Whitetail Institute offers products for just about any situation.

Moist Soils
The Institute’s flagship product, Imperial Whitetail Clover, is one of the most nutritious and attractive forages concerning whitetails. The perennial (lasts three to five years without replanting) grows extremely well in heavy soils that hold moisture well or typically any area that stays moist. Bottomlands, creek bottoms, and if the area receives over 30 inches of rain per year, most flat grazing and farm land usually works well.

The Institute’s two annuals, PowerPlant and No-Plow, grow well in a variety of soils and moisture levels.

Dry Soils
For drier or well-drained soils (sandy soils, hill tops and slopes, arid soils, etc.) the Institute offers several excellent products. Alfa-Rack, a clover/alfalfa blend, is an excellent choice. The deep-rooted perennial thrives in well-drained and dry soils. For best results, over 30 inches of rain is needed. Another great option is Extreme (under 30 inches of rain). With the toughest planting conditions in mind, the Whitetail Institute set out to develop a perennial crop that would not just survive ─ but thrive ─ in poor soils and under extremely dry conditions and they succeeded with Imperial Whitetail Extreme.

The Institute’s two annual products, PowerPlant and No-Plow, will also work well.

Shady/Woodland Areas
No-Plow is the Institute’s most productive product in low-light areas. No-Plow will thrive with only three hours of sunlight per day, direct or filtered. Many customers have produced excellent No-Plow plots with only two hours of sunlight per day (logging roads, small woodland food plots, etc.), but the Institute will not guarantee success in conditions with less than three hours of sunlight.

Imperial Whitetail Clover, Alfa-Rack and PowerPlant are all productive in as little as three to four hours of sunlight, direct or filtered, per day. Of course, all Whitetail Institute products usually grow better with longer periods of direct sunlight.

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