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Ideal Northern Edge Totally Turnips Food Plot Seed - 2.5 Lbs
Ideal Northern Edge Totally Turnips Food Plot Seed - 2.5 Lbs
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2 LB Covers Approximately 11,000 Sq Ft. (1/4 Acre)

Northern Edge - Totally Turnips Mix was created to provide an easy to establish, very high protein food source for deer during the spring through summer growing season and more importantly, summer through late winter to early spring when a reliable food supply is critical for survival.

Deer not only utilize the highly nutritious tops but also the bulbs which are very palatable as well.

The three turnip varieties in Northern Edge Totally Turnips Mix were selected for high leaf and bulb production, different maturities for increased forage availability throughout the season, palatability and the ability to adapt to a wide range of soil and environmental conditions.

  • 2.5 lb Per 1/4 Acre
  • pH range 5.5-7.5 IDEAL
  • Seeding depth maximum 1/2 inch
  • Dates most areas August 1st – September 1st
  • Limit to correct pH range based on soil test recommendation
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