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Whitetail Institute Imperial PowerPlant

Whitetail Institute - Imperial PowerPlant

What is PowerPlant?
Imperial PowerPlant, the newest product offered by The Whitetail Institute, is an annual planting that consists of a mixture of warm season forages that work together to offer an ultra high-protein food source. Completely different than any product developed by the Institute, PowerPlant provides more tonnage of browse per acre than any food plot product available.

The unique seed blend includes small amounts of sorghum and sunflowers along with heavy doses of beans and peas.  The specially developed legumes found in PowerPlant are fast growing and extremely high in protein. Because of the unique blend of forages and fast growing capabilities, PowerPlant can be planted in smaller acreages and has a much better chance of surviving relatively heavy browsing.

"Because it grows faster, PowerPlant withstands heavy grazing pressure better than other spring/summer annuals." Jody Holdbrooks - Wildlife Biologist - Nutri-Tip -

 PowerPlant is a spring/summer planting that grows very well in a variety of moist and dry soils, and has been field tested around the country on wild, free-ranging deer. The plot will typically thrive throughout the hottest months and into early fall.

PowerPlant is not a substitute for Imperial Whitetail Clover, ALFA-RACK or No-Plow, it is an additional forage to further enhance the health of your deer herd. PowerPlant simply increases the amount and diversity of protein-rich forage available on your property, and it grows in more soil types than clover. Its primary purpose is to offer deer the high-protein, antler-building forage needed during the antler-growing process.

A PowerPlant food plot looks and functions differently than other food plots. As the taller, structural forages grow, viney plants grow up the stalks. The support plants grow to a maximum height of 4 to 6 feet and prevent the beans and peas from simply crawling along the ground. Viney legumes that do not have a support structure will often become stunted and fall into poor health. The support plants allow the viney plants to rapidly regenerate and provide constant forage throughout the plot’s lifespan. A typical 1-acre PowerPlant food plot can produce more than TWO TONS of forage per year.

PowerPlant is easy to plant and establish. A 25-pound bag of PowerPlant typically covers three-quarters to one acre. After a soil test is done to determine the pH level, spread the appropriate amount of lime on the site to reduce acidity. Whitetail Institute products produce optimum results when pH levels are around 7. Disk the area thoroughly at least 4 to 6 inches deep. Disperse the seed and LIGHLTY disk or harrow the plot to cover the seed no more than 1 inch deep. Recommended plantings run from early May to late June, depending on location.

Whitetail Institute Imperial PowerPlant 25# ( .75-1 acres )

Whitetail Institute Imperial PowerPlant 25# ( .75-1 acres )

Imperial PowerPlant 25# ( .75-1 acres )
Whitetail Institute Imperial PowerPlant 25# ( .75-1 acres )
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Whitetail Institute Imperial PowerPlant 25# ( .75-1 acres )

PowerPlant is an annual blend consisting of warm season forages that work together to offer your deer ultra high-protein. Power Plant can be planted in smaller plots and withstand heavier browsing by whitetail than many other warm-season forages and blends.
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