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WildGame Innovations SILENT CRUSH CAM 24 LO
WildGame Innovations SILENT CRUSH CAM 24 LO
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True to the original, Wildgame Innovations newSilent Crush 24 Lightsout features separate, day-and night-optimized on-boardcameras and Adaptive Illumination Technology to ensure the highest qualitystill images and 15-second HD video clips in any lighting. The new Silent Crush 24, however, bumps photo resolution to an astonishing 24 megapixels, and users can now choose from HD 720por HD 1080p video settings.

Any scouting camera can take a picture of a deer, but only the new Wildgame Innovations Silent Crush 24 Lightsout with SLS and Zero Detection technologies can produce high-quality 24-megapixelstill images and HD video clips day or night while remaining completely undetected by game. Why is that important? Because scouting cameras are supposed to monitor game behavior, not influence it.If your cameras are consistently producing photos of deer staring into the lens, its time to do better. Hang a new Silent Crush 24 Lightsout and start seeing a cleardifference... night or day.


24 MP digital scouting camera

42 Invisible Black Infrared Leds

Invisible Lens Technology

Dual Onboard Camera System

Daytime Camera For Optimal Picture Quality

Nightime Camera For Improved Clarity And Illumination

Illumination range up to 100feet

Anti-Fog Lens Coating Eliminates Dew And Moisture

Baclkit Buttons For Easy Use In Low Light

Adaptive Illumination Technology

Less Than 0.5 Second Rapid Trigger Speed

Photo And Hd 720P Or 1080P Video Capabilities (15 Sec.)

Up To 32Gb Sd Card And 8 Aa Batteries Required (Not Included)


Additional Features: Anti-Fog Lens Coating Eliminates Dew And Moisture
Color: Trubark
Battery Type: 8 x AA
Memory: 32 GB
Resolution: 24 MP
Height: 9.25 in
Width: 2.75 in
Length: 5.5 in
Weight: 1.21 lb
Bulb Type: LED

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