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CORNFUSED? (40 oz) - WLD013
CORNFUSED? (40 oz) - WLD013
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There may not be actual corn at the end of this scent trail, but deer will think there is with the power of a whole corn bushel packed into one bottle.

CornFUSED™ scent attractant is incredibly effective at initiating new food plots and feeding areas.

The plastic bottle easily fits into a pack for simple transport.

Simply flip the lid and begin squirting to send deer in your direction.

By keeping things simple at the start, you can test an area before hauling heavy feeding supplies to a new spot.

CornFUSED will establish heavy hoof traffic quickly so you can build your feeding strategy around a deer population that’s already patterning.

You can also spread it around stands to draw deer in for a hunt.

The highly concentrated corn scent is made without real food ingredients, making it legal in most states.

VOLUME: 40 oz

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