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Cutting Edge Optimize 5#
Cutting Edge Optimize 5#
Cutting Edge Optimize 5#
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Cutting Edge Optimize 5#

You can put salt blocks on your property, but you won’t be doing your deer any favors. Salt lacks nutritional value and forces deer to drink too much water, which takes up valuable stomach capacity. Mineral licks tend to be jazzed-up salt blocks, and deer don’t care for them during certain parts of the year anyway. If you really want to enhance your deer’s natural diet, and supplement the nutrients bucks utilize to reach their genetic potential and grow heavy racks, you need complete, balanced nutritional supplements. You need Cutting Edge!

Switch to Optimize in mid to late Spring… Forages in most parts of North America lack essential nutrients required for optimal antler development. Optimize supplements the deer’s natural diet with minerals, vitamins and 16% protein… all nutrients that contribute to antler growth. Continue providing Optimize throughout the summer months…

Nothing else has “Nutraction!”
Nutraction-(noo-trak-shen) properly combined secret ingredients [including DEVOUR flavoring agent] that achieve the unique capability to attract deer, provide nourishment and contribute to a healthier deer herd. Ability to draw deer from long distances, nourish them, anchor them on a piece of property and help bucks reach their genetic potential.
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