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Imperial Whitetail Magnet Mix

Testers have observed deer, especially bucks, fighting over the MAGNET MIX. Most important, they observed that the deer kept coming back for more, again and again, indicating the "addictive" quality of the formula. They also saw that deer marked MAGNET MIX sites with scrapes and rubs – which in turn attracted more deer. And as long as the plots were replenished, the deer kept coming! Obviously what we had created in MAGNET MIX was something that not only appealed to the deer’s smell and taste but also provided something they needed and CRAVED as well as creating an almost narcotic-like addiction. Hunters will be thrilled with the ability of MAGNET MIX to attract and hold deer where they want them and to guide them to food plots or any other desired locations. Consult your local game laws before hunting over Imperial MAGNET MIX.
More helpful facts about Imperial Magnet Mix:
  • Will hold and attract deer year-round with continued use.

  • Unique combination of scent, taste and nutrients have "addictive" impact that brings deer back for more…. And more

  • Field-ready concentrated formula is pre-mixed. No water or mixing containers necessary.

  • Proved to attract deer from long distances.

  • Not intended to substitute for quality deer forage planting and/or mineral and vitamin supplements.

  • Deer depart normal trails to seek out aromatic scent

  • Will last up to 60 days depending on deer population and soil type.

  • Most effective when used close to deer trails

  • Best to create several spots to give smaller bucks and does an opportunity to consume as dominant bucks can become protective of spots.

Imperial "Magnet Mix" 1 Gallon

Imperial "Magnet Mix" 1 Gallon

Imperial "Magnet Mix" 1 Gallon
Imperial "Magnet Mix" 1 Gallon
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Imperial "Magnet Mix" 1 Gallon

Imperial Magnet Mix is the culmination of nearly five years of research, development and field testing by the Whitetail Institute of North America. After analyzing existing attractants and quick-fix "lures" the Institute set out to formulate the very best attractant. One that would not only strongly attract deer but also be easy to use. We knew we had to have a truly unique scent to attract deer through their super-sensitive sense of smell. Then we had to have a very special taste to hold the deer in the location of the MAGNET MIX.

We succeeded beyond our wildest expectations. Because what we created not only attracted deer but kept them coming back again and again, literally pawing for more. The concentrated formula of highly active sodium and calcium combined with special scent and flavor intensifiers will draw deer to specific locations on your hunting lands. Our field-testers really told the whole story firsthand. They observed that deer departed their normal trails to seek out the locations of the MAGNET MIX. MAGNET MIX is an extremely powerful and effective attractant.
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